Ports of Call

Cruise Destinantions - The Main Ports of Sicily
Excursions from Catania Port

The Catania port has ancient origins, but the current structure was defined in XX century. Arriving to Catania port means that you will have the opportunity to easily visit the charming city of Catania, the magnificient volcano Etna, Siracusa and Noto, accompanied by our professional guides.

Excursions from Messina Port
The Messina port is one of the most important port of the Mediterranean Sea. Messina, destroyed by a terrible heartquake in 1908, today is a charming town, rich in history and art, ideal starting point of many tours in Sicily, first of all, Taormina: an irresistible mix of beauty, sea and breathtaking landscapes.
Excursions from Palermo Port

The port of Palermo is the cornerstone of the history and the development of the city. Palermo is the Chief Town of the Region of Sicily and surprises its visitors with history, art and nature. From the Palermo port you can enjoy shore excursions discovering the treasures of Palermo and Cefalù with its wonderful Cathedral.


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