Etna Volcano & Alcantara Gorges Tour

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In the mist of time, a small volcano north of mount Etna woke and poured forth an enormous quantity of lava which flowed down to the sea and beyond, to form Capo Schisò. The tortuous route taken by the lava flow was followed by a torrent of water which ploughed a channel through it, smoothing the lava and clearing away the aggregate. Towards the end of its journey, the water encountered more friable ground and, sweeping onwards, exposed two sheer cliffs of very hard basalt that had cooled and hardened into fascinating prism-like shapes. This is the Gorge of Alcantara, only part of which is now accessible. The descent of foot affords a spectacular view of the entrance to the gorge.
Informations about our Volcano Etna tours

Our excursions to the Etna Volcano and to the Alcantara’s Gorges, thanks to the Sicilian temperate climate, are realized each day of the year, Saturday, Sunday and holidays included. Our expert will be at your complete disposal in order to allow you to realize unforgettable excursions. Our tour leader is not simply the person who knows the foot paths and the altimetry quotas, but the person who will explain and will interpret the signs let on the territory by man and nature. He is the person that helps your imagination to see and to hear what is not visible and audible to everybody anymore. He acts as intermediary between the “native” and the “traveller”, in order to permit important mutual exchanges among different cultures and to give more knowledge in different fields. We operate half and full day itineraries following your needs.

Etna Volcano – It is almost unbelievable to think where today is located 3335meters high volcano once was only water basin circa 500, 000 years ago. The phenomenal clash between African and Eurasian shelves made the huge impact between them and caused the compression of magma, deep below the sea causing Etna volcano to rise up violently. Depending on the time of the year arriving to the top of the volcano Etna by the road called Mareneve you will find yourself rising from summer to spring or from autumn to winter, because the temperature between Catania and Etna changes more than 20° C. The road is named “Mareneve” (Sea- snow) with the reason that one way of the road opens the landscape of the sea and on the other side, you will see the snow on the top of Etna. You will be able to see the rich vegetation of mountain and the intensity of the colors. The most widely spread plant of Etna is Ginestra and you should not forget to visit the oldest and biggest European chestnut-tree – the Chestnut Tree of Hundred Horses in Sant’Alfio. We will rise until 2000meters where are the well-known Crateri Silvestri born after the eruption in 1892. Nearby you will find the restaurant Cantoniera, destroyed during 20 minutes by lava in 1983 and two years later again rebuilt. Etna area is not famous only for eruptions; the towns located on the slopes of the volcano are beautiful, Zafferana is popular for good honey famous for its excellent quality. In wintertime is possible to ski in Etna, during that time nearby villages Nicolosi, Linguaglossa, Rifugio Sapienza and Piano Provenzano change into skiing paradises. It is impossible to predict which kind of face the volcano is going to show but you can be sure it will be a different and astonishing experience to remember all your life.


Scenic drive to Mount Etna the highest active volcano in Europe
Stop and visit Zafferana Etnea town on Etna valley, where was placed one of the most recent lava eruption on year 1991
Scenic drive to Rifugio Sapienza on Etna Regional Parkand visit the Silvestri Craters born on year 1892
What to wear on Etna volcano

From May to October, a jacket or/and a jumper, comfortable shoes and sunglasses on a sunny day.

From November to April, a waterproof jacket and warm clothes.


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