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Simon – The driver in Sicily

Simon was born in Rome and raised in Sicily. As a teenager, he loved the outdoors. He would go for nice walks in Taormina, or he would visit Mt. Etna, and go on long hikes with the Boy scouts. Do not be surprised, if he takes pictures, also during the trip, as he always enjoys his work! He has always, had a love for driving. Moreover, Simon during his work, and traveling experience in Europe, learned about customers wishes and needs. His belief is “Whatever your fantasy may be, I will make it come true” His 10 years of experience in the tourism industry as receptionist and concierge developed his skills in understanding people and their interests and tastes. In 2008, he established his own company to offer specialized tours. This has allowed him to share his love for Sicily, with small groups of clients that quickly, become friends. Simon’s enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism, offers a way of experiencing the real Sicily, with a local driver. In comfort, he will show you the sites, that you expect to see. He will also, introduce you to places, you have never heard of… places, you will want to return to again, and again!